Alisha Mackintosh

Sports Massage

I understand what it takes to have a healthy work-life balance, an active lifestyle, and still get everything you need for your body to perform at its best. I take a holistic approach to your body, so when you come for a treatment I take into consideration not only your activity levels but also your broader lifestyle influences to find and address the root issue affecting you.

As a qualified Sports massage therapist, I pinpoint and focus on the areas where the muscles or joints are under stress, in pain, have lack of mobility, display postural issues, and built-up tension points that need to be released. I will leave you feeling looser, more mobile, and will have eased any areas of pain.

I pride myself on giving you the best massage treatment possible. I take my time to understand your specific lifestyle needs and to work with you on a program to ensure my treatment isn’t just a “quick fix”.

I adjust my massage therapy techniques and focus to suit what your body requires, whether you are training for a race, starting a new fitness regime, have a high-stress job/lifestyle, or just need overall body maintenance or a good old relaxing massage session.

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