Functional Medicine is a science-based, holistic, patient-centered approach to assessment, prevention and treatment of weight loss, health problems and chronic disease. It aims to identify biochemical and physiological imbalances, which cause health problems in the individual and addresses these principles.

As a qualified, practicing registered dietician since 2000 my passion and interest has lead me to further my knowledge base in qualifications of Applied Functional Medicine, Supplementation, Kinesiology, Iridology, Genetic Testing and Pilates. Working along with the experience of a leading Endocrinologist and Functional Medicine practitioners my areas of interest lie in Diabetes (type 1&2), thyroid dysfunction, gut issues, (IBS, IBD etc), weight loss and detoxification.



Consultation R 909.20
Follow Up Consultation (time dependant) R 909.20 - R 669.90
✱ Medical Scheme Rates
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