Aiming to give the body a perfect balance of strength and flexibility and allowing people of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy the life enhancing benefits Pilates provides.

One can choose from traditional mat work classes or private and shared sessions using equipment; which provides greater variation to the traditional repertoire.

*All new clients are taken through an orientation process during which they are assessed, taught the basic principles and taken through an appropriate routine focusing on areas relevant to each individual which is essential in assuring the understanding and implementation of Pilates principles. This helps in achieving the maximum benefit, preventing injury as well as rehabilitating injury and ensuring a high standard throughout our classes.


Monday 18:00 Brendon
Tuesday 07:00 AM Brendon (Reformer Class)
09:00 AM Brendon
10:30 AM Lilani
13:00 PM Lilani
15:00 Lilani
17:15 PM Brendon
18:15 PM Brendon
Wednesday 07:00 AM Brendon (Reformer Class)
08:00 AM Brendon
09:00 AM Sue (Reformer Class)
Thursday 07:00 AM Brendon (Reformer Class)
09:00 AM Brendon
Friday 07:00 AM Brendon
08:00 AM Brendon
09:00 AM Brendon
Saturday 08:00 AM Brendon


Private Session R 430
Reformer Class R 235
Class R 140
Orientation R 350
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