Kristen Barber

Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor

My mission is to make your body as strong as your SOUL.
I aspire to inspire every individual I meet and to fulfill my own definition of success; rich accomplishments, worthy goals, love and ultimate creativity moving from success to significance.

Working with my clients from the inside out: finding their inner strength and pushing them to their limits. I strive to achieve one's highest level of physical performance and have an amazing time doing it, discovering what one's limits are... and DEFYING them.

A passion for health, fitness and living life to one’s greatest potential has always been my mainstay. I use the integration of Pilates, functional training, cardiovascular endurance, nutrition and behavioural change in my mentoring and education of my clients to help them achieve the most precious of all assets: glowing, empowering, lasting health.

Change is the bravest thing we'll do, so if you desire the opportunity to explore your own strength, come sweat it out with me!

Phone    :    +27 72 414 2748
Email    :
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