Sports Massage

“Take care of your body & strength will follow” – Alisha Mackintosh

If you are an athlete, starting a new fitness regime, have an active lifestyle, have high stress, you will benefit from a sports massage. Sports massage is known as a deeper massage therapy technique that helps to target tight and tender areas through deeper pressure, helping to signal your nervous system to relax and to alleviate tension within the targeted muscles.

As a qualified Sports massage therapist, I pinpoint and focus on the areas where the muscles or joints are under stress, in pain, have lack of mobility, display postural issues, and built-up tension that need to be released. I will leave you feeling looser, more mobile, and help ease any areas where there is pain.I pride myself on giving you the best massage treatment possible and adjust my massage techniques to suit what your body requires.

Massages offered:

  • FAST (30min) R350
  • FOCUSSED (60min) R550
  • FULL BODY (90min) R750

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